I want to introduce to you guys something that I found on witty profiles. It's called the Heart Project. In the Heart Project, you are supposed to draw a heart/hearts on your wrist using the colors below.  Send a picture to us on Twitter or Email us!

Blue - Depression

Red - Self harm

Green - Eating disorder

Orange - Suicidal

Purple - Anxiety

Yellow - Recovering

White - Recovered

Black Outline - Need help

We love you guys. ;*
(PS First YouTube Video Coming soon!)

Hello my lovelies!
The last thing We want to do is make this website a sad, boring one. We want to be able to connect to you and be friend with you! So we'll be adding some things that maybe most of you have interests in to keep it fun(:
Well, a few weeks ago before Sandy hit, we went to a The Maine/ Mayday Parade Concert in Sayreville, NJ.
Here are some videos/pictures we took on our mobile devices(;
(if you look closely, you can see people crowd surfing in front)
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Anyone been impacted by Hurricane Sandy?
Did you like this article?
Contact us!
We love you!




Hey beautiful, Anto here.
Welcome to our website, Operation BeYoutiful!

(hehe we like One Direction)
If you don't know, Kayla and I just decided to make this website to put smiles on people's faces and to give people a shoulder to cry on when they need it most.
We check our emails everyday, and we're willing to help anyone in any situation that they have.
And we pinky promise not to let you down.
Like Kayla says, we're here to listen, not to laugh at.
If you want to contact us, click here!
Aside from that, we want to tell you what Kayla and I are trying to do to spread the word for our website.
We're trying to see if we can start making vlogs and talk about topics that you want us to talk about.
We'll start making music videos like this so you can laugh at us and smile. :)
We'll make a twitter so we can contact you guys more often (if you want to talk to us I mean.)
And yeah.
Comment what you think will make our website please!
We love you guise. Mwaahh;*